Day 115: Terminator Genisys (July, 2)

To say that I was crazy anxious about Terminator Genesys would be an understatement, especially after watching the first four instalments last week. It was a good decision, after all, despite increasing my expectations for this new film.

I think that a Terminator fan will smile big at the beginning. I did, even if it is missing one "What a hell", one of the most evocative parts of the first movie for me, oddly enough, I know. Well, back to the start: it is pretty cool, actually, even if the movie as a whole lack in some parts - as the last instalments. But, in the same way as its predecessors, I thought it was good, entertainment, funny, evocative, smart. 

But the thing is, I love this series, I had enjoyed all the movies, even the lesser third one, and I think that I'll like the next two to come. All the usual references are there - sentences as "I'll be Back", "Come with me if you want to live" are part of this franchising, as some facts, characters, storyline. It is true to the story and its development along thirty years - even the confusion about  time and characters are included here as a plot, what I though was smart. The many elements that make this series are acknowledged here, in addition to the new developments.

My biggest concern was about Jay Courtney as Kyle Reese, a beloved important character in this series. He gives strength to Reese, but he lacks his more endearing aspects, I think. He is not as bad as I though at first, though. He and Emma Clarke together presents a good dynamic (what is fundamental to this movie), and the trio made by both and Schwarzenegger is believable and well directed, as the movie in a whole. It is not perfect, neither so good as the two oldest parts of this series. I was sort of expecting perfection, so I was a bit disappointed at some moments. But I liked anyway, and I would see it again just for the 1984 setting. And because of the super special cameo in it (You must know who it is by now, but I didn't, and was a happy surprise).

Terminator Genesys. Directed by Alan Taylor. With: Arnold Schwaznegger,
Emma Clarke, Jay Courtney, Jason Clarke.Writers: Laeta Kalogridis,
Patrick Lussier from the characters created by James Cameron.  US, 2015,
126 min., Dolby Digital/Datasat/Dolby Atmos, Color (CInema).  

PS: There were two Marvel trailers before Terminator, Ant-Man ("I'm Ant-Man! Yeah, I know...) and Fantastic Four. In both, there was the question "Are you ready?" Ok, it makes sense... a hero must prepare himself for what's coming, for sure. For me was awful, though, because put SexyBack, by Timberlake, right on my mind (the mix version I know stars with Are you ready? :).

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