134: Our Summer in Provance (July, 21)

The difference between a great movie and one that is just ok is not big in some cases. It is like an outfit, actually. Small details, nothing in excess, a few subtle elements... and there, we have an outstanding movie. Our Summer in Provence (Avis de Mistral) could have been a great movie if not for some heavy aspects in the story and direction. 

Nevertheless, it is a point in its favor that, even with a bit stereotyped story and characters, these were still dear to me, especially the young Theo (Lukas Pelissier). He is a precious link between his brothers and their estranged grandfather, and of course, as usually do the younger kids, the first to take a step toward a man that is a stranger to them. 

A few things here don't even make sense, and look forced in order to provoke some drama, and I couldn't see the use for it. It was too much, and at the end it turned this sweet movie (that brings many smiles to our faces and that in fact seem a vacation in many moments) in a lesser production, despite its beautiful setting and the great Jean Reno. 

Our Summer in Provence (Avis de Mistral). Directed and written by Rose
Bosch. With: Jean Reno, Anna Galiena, Chloé Jouannet. France, 2014,
105 min., Dolby Digital, Color (Cinema). 

PS: The first time I saw the thunderous Jean Reno in a movie was in my beloved The Big Blue (Le Grand Bleu), 1998, a film that made me dream many times with under water swimming,  until I finally decided to learn how to swim. Its soundtrack was a constant in my days for a long time. About Reno, I usually remember his most usual line in the story: "Roberto, mio palmo" <3

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