132: Delivery Man (July, 19)

Lazy Sundays can be a curse. Unable to get up from the couch, I passively watched what was in front of me at that moment, and it was Delivery Man.

I had seen some excerpts from this movie with Vince Vaughn (a remake of the Canadian Starbuck by the the same director), and had not been interested in knowing more. However, as I've just said, the laziness was stronger than me, and I endured it until the end.

At the end, I realised the movie was not so bad as I had thought at first,despite still not being what I would choose to see again. The goofiness is too much some times. But it is also sweet, actually, when we can overcome the silly moments. 

This film is a sort of a fable about parenthood as a way to stare life in the eyes, in spite of just passing through it. Being a parent is not the only way to do that, of course, but for some people it is the main way, and a valid one. And for a guy that has fathered 533 children by sperm donation, it is a slashing kind of staring.

At some moment, the guy's girlfriend asks him how he was able to take his whole family to Venice when he was so young. He replied saying that he had done hard handy work. Haha. He is not kidding, and 20 years after this hardy job, he has to confront the results of it, in what becomes at the end an endearing film about finally finding oneself in what seemed a senseless life. 

Delivery Man. Directed and written by Ken Scott (He has directed four
 movies, two of them about the same story). With: Vince Vaughn,
Chris Pratt, Cobie Smulders. US/India, 2014, 105 min., Datasat/Dolby
Digital/SDDS, Color (Cable TV).

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