Day 119: On the Edge (July, 6)

On the Edge is a 2001 Irish movie by John Carney, a beloved filmmaker (the same of Once and Begin Again - I adore both). I don't know how I let it pass by me for so long.

What a movie. My heart wasn't able to fit my chest during and after it. 

It is so kind, beautiful, heartbreaking, sad, joyful... I was absolutely in love while watching it. The unbelievable Cillian Murphy had a big part in this, he is outstanding. The whole cast is  actually - Stephen Rea is also solid in here. During the whole film, I couldn't believe how lucky I was for seeing it.

After the final credits, I told a friend by sms that I've just watched a movie with Cillian Murphy and the he was amazing - she is a big fan. She asked me about the story and I said: It's about suicide - to tell  a long story short, because it is mainly about people per se in fact. And she was kind of disappointed. The point is, difficult subjects are perfect in movies. If there's a place to debate things that we are a taboo socially is a film. Art is the place. And, for me, cinema is ideal for difficult talks about life. 

Don't let the subject keep you away from this movie. It is John Carney, after all. His characters are deep, intense, cute, lovable, strong, sad, with many layers. His movies are small, but his stories has a lot of depth, in his singular and simple way of telling it. I was so sad, and still a sense of enchantment took hold of me. And if sometimes Cillian Murphy seems too much for me, in On the Edge he is the heart and soul that holds together this heartfelt story about being lost and not able to find a place in the world for our own overwhelming sadness. 

These two are unbelievable good together on scene. It was like the screen would
explode at any moment.
On the Edge. Directed by John Carney. With: Cillian Murphy, Tricia Verssey,
Martin Carney, Stephen Rea.  Writers: Daniel James, John Carney. Ireland,
2001,  85 min., DTD/Dolby Digital, Color (DVD).


  1. Wow!!
    Let's watch it together!! (to complete the trilogy) :)

    1. Yeah, a John Carney Trilogy <3 Sweet small movies heartbreaking love stories, real people, amazing dialogues, beautiful songs... Count me in!