Day 143: Bad Words (july, 30)

I saw Bad Words by chance, at cable TV, still in the morning, while browsing channels for a good movie to have breakfast with me. What called my attention mostly were the first lines and how sober they were, reinforced by a classical soundtrack:

"I'm not good at a lot of stuff. Especially thinking things through. And that's why this plan was so shitty. But my feelings were hurt, and I'm glad I at least did something about it. Making bad decisions is nothing new to me. After all, I live alone at 40, and I make my leaving proofreading products warranties. A few weeks ago, I took a  break from that however, so I could do this whole thing. And it's pretty ironic that what I did  was exactly what a child would do. I threw a tantrum just to get attention."

And that is what Guy Trilby is: a child in a 40 years old man body. They are not so rare, if you are smirking at him right now. A lot of us are still carrying our childhood matters daily, without even noticing. Decisions and choices are made by this hurt kid, and we are not aware of that. One day, Guy decides to act in order to remedy that. As he said above, his choice of way might not have bee the better one, but it was effective. 

That's why a sometimes silly comedy, with trashy aspects, was so endearing to me. Despite the goofy elements, its somber tone is a constant, the characters became less stereotyped at each passing minute, and I wasn't able to turn off this small movie, Jason Bateman's directional debut on features. I've read after some comments defending that this movie is racist and misogynist. I think the main character is all that, not the film, that goes just on the opposite directions. Of course, it does that with a lot of cliches, but that doesn't compromise the characters quest and its relevancy - elements that made me care for him and what was going to happen. Not a bad quality to a story, after all.

Bad Words. Directed by Jason Bateman. With: Jason Bateman, Kathryn
Hahn, Rohan Chand. Writer: Andrew Dodge. Us, 2013, 89 min., Dolby
Digital, Color (Cable TV).

PS: Fragments: Penny Dreadfulhttp://www.imdb.com/title/tt2628232/?ref_=nv_sr_1 season 2, episodes 3 and 4 - I seriously hope that Eva Green gets a bigger salary than the rest of the cast... her work is not easy, and she does it beautifully. 

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