Day 148: Rapture-Palooza (August ,4)

The world got to its end many and many times on movies. It's not countless, but it could be, because big is the number of films about the end of the world. Meteors, aliens, viral infections... well, you list the catastrophe and probably there will be a movie about it. 

Rapture-Palooza ends the world by a biblical event - the Rapture. It could just be one of those dumb comedies that I don't care much about if not for a few elements, presented in a trashy yet smart way. And the movie makes a maddening soup with them. First, the title sequence is good. Second, Anna Kendrick is the narrator, and what could be trashy and silly, becomes witty under the views of her character about the world under its apocalypse. She and her boyfriend are very matter-of-fact. Another interesting aspect here is how many biblical events are recognizable in a funny way. The usual silly stunts of such comedies are there, but under a ironic and smart view - what makes the difference here actually. I wasn't laughing loudly much (the return of one of the ruptured at the beginning was one of a few exceptions), but was mentally nodding to some of them. The best are the foul-mouthed crows. 

And so, what in Stephen King, for example, is a scary fight between good and evil, here it is just the world getting along with its end - something that can change, though, when the forces behind it are surprised by a fearless and clueless couple.  

One last comment: Just in case you are thinking to see this movie around younger viewers, it is not rated R by chance. It doesn't look offensive at first, but there's a lot of really really really trashy talking (especially by The Beast, the evil idiot). 

Rapture-Palooza. Directed by Paul Middleditch. With: Craig Robinson, Anna
Kendrick, John Francis Daley. USA, 2013, 85 min., Color (Cable TV).

PS: Fragments: True Detective, season 2, episode 7; Remember Me, 2010. 

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