Day 162: Heights (August, 18)

At one point in Heights, Glenn Close's character says that New York is so small... I immediately thought how the whole world is tiny when we think about human connections. 

People leaving in a big city can get the illusion of solitude and individuality. People around that don't usually see us. We don't see who is near us. Alone in the crowd. Heights talks about that, but also how our connections know no limits in space (and time). And so what we thought was ours alone, or a well kept secret, is not just ours, but is a shared ownership with other, those who are part of one's life. 

The cast here is well known, and even stellar. As I've said, there's Glenn Close, beautiful in this role. I've missed her since Damages, and here she is strong and flawed, but still suave. Elizabeth Banks is so young and fresh in a different character from the more recent Effie Trinket.  James Marsden and Matthew Davis are also familiar faces. And there's others good actors, that give face to people that are part of our lives, even if we are not aware of that. Yet. Because 24 hours can change lives in a unexpected but still announced ways (When you don't know, you know, you know:? - I'm not sure from where I've heard it... but it is very accurate). 

Thanks, Joe, for not just telling me about a movie that made all the sense to me (again and again :), but also for giving it to me (it is really difficult to find).

Heights. Directed by Chris Terrio. With: Glenn Close, Elizabeth Banks,
James Marsden. Writers: Amy Fox and Chris Terrio, from Amy Fox's
play. USA,  2005, 93 min., Dolby Digital, Color. 


  1. It makes me so happy that you liked this film. This one is very, very dear to my heart. There's something about films that tell stories that take place in the course of a day, it takes good skills to write a good story with such shape.
    But Heights is a stellar tale, I'm a complete fan of stories about connections, of separate stories and characters that end up being all conected. I love Glenn Close's Diana Lee. Isabel is my favourite character played by Elizabeth Banks to this day. I see myself in Jesse Bradford's Alec so much!! He's so vulnerable, trying to make it right but falling in old mistakes. I wrote about Heights on my blog, back in 2009, when I first saw it: http://dearbenin.blogspot.com.br/2009/12/filme-dl-heights-por-conta-do-destino.html

    I'm glad you liked it. It's a good sensation, to share a movie you care about with people you care about. You know that. Now it's your turn to pass is on forward :)

    [ j ]

    1. Joe, so beautiful is Deas Benin <3 Thank you for sharing your post here with us!

      You know, every movie you tell me about is already special in a way. Thank you again (and everyday) for your support and incredible help!