Day 167: Source Code (August, 23)

I didn't think much of Source Code before seeing it, I first thought it would be a bit too mainstream. What do I know, right? Because this unpretentious sci-fi is pretty smart and interesting. It's pretty cool, actually.

There's two main plots that  are developed simultaneously, and we realize that slowly, through a good storyline and good performances. I was nervous, and wanted to know what would come next, despite the repeating train scenes - those repetitions add to the mystery in fact.. 

I love sci-fi, and this film lives up to the genre. I wasn't expecting to be surprised, though, and that is a really good thing to happen to us with a movie. 

It had happened yesterday and today again. Two good consecutive days with intriguing, clever, well written and performed movies :)

Behing the scene pics are my favorite

Source Code. Directed by Duncan Jones. With: Jack Gyllenhaal, Michelle
Monaghan, Vera Farmiga. Writer: Ben ripley. USA/ Canada, 2011, 93 min.,
Dolby Digital/DTS, Color (DVD).

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  1. I agree, this was good sci-fi, it's not pretentious, it delivers more than we expect, there's some good drama in it, Jake Gyllenhaal is great, special effects are great, and the story is interesting. I'll always remember watching this one as I flew over the Pacific Ocean, all the way back home.

    [ j ]