Day 155: Another Day (August, 11)

Soon after leaving the TV show Charmed  in 2001, Shannen Doherty appeared in this TV production with her former co-star Julian McMahon called Another Day. I've never had heard about it before seeing by chance on cable. 

The film is a good entertainment after a busy and tiring day. It story is interesting, despite its cheesiness. The characters make sense, and I was curious to know what would become of this suspenseful story. I question only its rating as a sci-fi movie. What would be the supernatural aspect in the story for me is easily solved by a psychological perspective. Someone suffers a loss and never recovers from it. Years after, the same person undergoes a physical trauma and is able to access facts from the past that she wasn't aware. Well, there's nothing sci-fi here, I think, only the ways how our minds protects itself in extreme painful events. 

Writing about this movie today, I couldn't even remember its name - it was gone from my memory soon after I realized what I've written above. But it was a good choice in a busy day: a night with a simple yet intriguing story, with Prue Halliwell and Christian Troy (I didn't enjoy Nip/Tuc much, actually, but I think McMahon is more remarkable here than he was in Charmed), under the covers, happy to me home at last. 

This was the less cliched still from the movie...

Another Day. Directed by Jeffrey Reiner. With: Shannen Doherty, Julian
McMahon, Max Martini. Writers: Helen Frost, Don McLeod. Canada/
USA, 2001, 90 min., Dolby, Color (Cable TV).


  1. "This was the less cliched still from the movie" Hahaha. I'll give this one a pass.

    [ j ]

    1. Yep, this is nothing that would change your life. But it was a nice and easy entertainment that fulfilled this dare (useful movies, that's terrible, I know).