Day 172: Your Sister's Sister (August, 28)

The magic shuffle is still on!

That same old story happened on this day: too tired, no idea about which movie to watch, hoping for a film to match my mood, Netflix in front of me... blah, blah, blah. You've read any of the posts here, you know the drill already. 

Nevertheless, even if I trust the magic shuffle with my whole heart, I think I'll never cease to be amazed when, halfway through the chosen by chance film, I see myself deeply in love with the story and characters. Usually, those movies are small indie productions, with a delicate focus on people and their relations. Sheer love.

I've already knew Mark Duplass from Togertheness, and I like him a lot in that TV show, but I wouldn't call him cute. That's why he convince a lot in Your Sister's Sister as the messed up Jack. He is troubled, no doubt here. But he is so F&*&%%$ cute, there's no other way than to fall in love with him (his final speech is so sweet, I saw it again and again after the movie ending). It is also inevitable to fall in love with Iris and her sister Hannah. Emily Blunt goes straight to the point, and she delivers in every movie, doesn't matter her role. Rosemarie DeWitt (such a perfect name for her, congrats to her parents :), usually is kind of standoffish, and here she is no different. It's something in the way she carries herself in her different roles. But Hannah has such a fragile trait, that we forget to distrust her, and we end up in love with her too. 

By the way, love is the word in this movie, in its wonderfully different manners. And my heart was so full of love by the end, that I wasn't able to do anything else but go through the story all over in my head, sprawled on the sofa in a dreamy state. 

Your Sister's Sister. Directed and written by Lynn Shelton. With: Emily Blunt,
Rosemarie DeWitt, Mark Dupass. USA, 2013, 90 min., Dolby, Color (Netflix).


  1. These kind of indie production always hit the point, even thou sometimes the technic aspect goes awkwardly.

  2. BTW, I like the way you are still talking about this movie!