Day 147: The Truth about Emanuel (August, 3)

Lazily couch potatoing in front of the TV, I decided to go through The Truth about Emmanuel till the end. At that moment, by the way, during the final credits, my main thoughts were that this movie could have been a nice indie film if it wasn't so mainstream. Does that make sense?

The thing is, if the production had chosen a more poetic way of telling this story, it would have been actually beautiful. People in pain, surrounded by madness and loss, have a way to look for their equal. A mirror is a path to overcome a suffering so big that turns out to be the most efficient prison in the world. This movie is about two women confronting losses that  end up being complementary in a way that the universe is a master to achieve. As I've said, it would be a beautiful movie if it had not opted to stay between a delicate story about two people lost in their own pain and a mystery thriller, which resulted only in an efficient way to waste a good story. 

The Trugh about Emanuel. Directed and written by Francesca Gregorini,
from the story by Sarah Thorp and Francesca Gregorini. With: Jessica
Biel, Kaya Scodelario, Alfred Molina. USA, 91 min., Color, 2013 (Cable TV).

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