Day 297: About Time (December, 31)

There's something enchanting and at the same time oppressing in the New Years celebrations. We can think about it as just a day following other... But ritualistic creatures that we are, there's no need to go far to understand that it is not it. By other hand, there's also so much pressure for happiness, the perfect way of going through a milestone and all that it is not difficult to feel a bit overwhelmed and sad about it. 

For years now I've abandoned all pressure on New Year's and consider this day as I view every other: I take what  I get. Dancing with the music, more like it. Don't get me wrong, this doesn't mean a passive way of living, but a quiet manner of accepting what comes toward me, trying to take out any concept of perfection or impossible ideals that try to intrude my days. I'm not sure that I being clear while explaining it, though. But that's ok. There will be another times to talk about it more carefully, I guess. 

All that to say that I don't regard the New Year's Eve with big expectations. For some years, I used to assemble a nice tray of appetizers, open a tasty wine and chose a movie to be with me both years - half of it in each year. It was peaceful and quiet and a very satisfying ritual to say the truth. Some friend would kidnap me afterwards to a party or would stay with me at home late in the evening (early mornings actually). Either way, it was always a happy time, without the pressure to be so. 

I was looking just for that when I decided that, after visiting a mother by heart at  the 31th, I would go back home and be quiet with a movie. Fla, my darling niece, accepted this peaceful way of greeting the New Year. We cheered the new year at the sound of Baby, Please Make a Change (totally by chance, an interesting coincidence), had a simple but nice meal, some wine. After talking to a few of our loved ones by phone, she looked at me and asked what movie I had in mind. No idea, I said. See? Taking one thing at a time each day.

By now, you are surely thinking that it was already 2016 and I had yet to choose the last movie of 2015. Another funny thing about milestones and time. I enquired some friends about that, actually. If I watch a film after midnight, in which day he belongs? Rodrigo, always pragmatic, said that it would depend if I had already saw a movie on that day. Mari and Fla told me that if I hadn't gone to sleep yet, the day is still on. 

Time is a funny thing, and that's why About Time was a fit flick to a day that revolves around it so much. It was listed on Netflix and imediatly I suggested we see it to Fla. She thought it was a nice idea and so a romantic travel in time it was. 

I absolutely love this movie. Every tiny bit of it - and I had forgotten so many, it was nice to see it again. Fla and me had such a good time, laughing at how clumsy Tom is, sighing at how cute he and Mary are together, singing out loud with The Cure's Friday I'm in Love. After all, a new year celebration carries a lot of hope and expectation, and this awesome song is all about it. 

By the way, songs have a big part on the reasons by which I enjoy this movie so much. They allow, as usual (but in here it is very special indeed), that we relate feeling and facts, in a movie that is all about those relations. It is heartwarming (and sometimes heartbreaking), as we can expect from Richard Curtis's movies. Every character here is lovely, and we fell in love with them at each scene. Especially with Bill Nigh and Kit Kat <3

That we should live every day with care and attention was also a fit theme to this day. Routine can ruin our perceptions of live and put an iron veil in front of our eyes and feelings. It is on us to not let that happen, to not loose perspective of what matters to us and in life. To not forget how important our beloved ones are, and the care we must have towards them.

Tom is for sure an amazing guy... Look who's in his room :)

Happy New Year!!! And remember, it is Friday and you should be in love (with life at least :).

About Time. Directed and written by Richard Curtis. With: Domhnall Gleeson,
Rachel McAdams,  Bill Nigh, Lindsay Duncan
(also great as Mum). UK, 2013,
123 min., SDDS/Datasat/Dolby Digital, Color (Netflix). 

PS: Almost at the end of the journey with Dash and Lily. The 31st presents in the book the same expectations we usually live on this day, added to the fact that both characters are also falling in love - something that is full of expectations and new possibilities for itself. It odd how this book also revolves around time. This way, it was not a big transgression that I've read about December, 31st on January, 1st, at early morning. 

"Assuming that she's up for the next adventure," I said.
"You know what they say," Mrs. Basil E. offered. "Dullness is the spice of life. Which is why we must always use other spices."
She went to take the notebook, but Boris beat her to it.
"Bad girl!" She  chided. 
"I'm pretty sure Boris is a boy," I said.
"Oh, I know," Mrs Basi E. assured me. "I just like to keep him confused."
Then she and Boris headed off with my future.
(Dash, page 173).

"I thought it would be so romantic. Like in a movie. With Prometheus watching over us. Because, you know, what's more fitting than Prometheus over an ice rink? I'm sure that's why he stole the fire for us in the first place - so we could make ice rinks. And them, when we're done skating on that traffic jam of an ice rink we could go to Times Square and be surrounded by two million people without any bathrooms for the next seven hours."
(That's Dash for sure, page 180).

Mark Scoffed. "You bookish little pervert."
"Thank you, sir!" Dash said brightly. 
(Lily, page 183).

I leaned into Dash's ear.
"I'm a terrible dancer," I whispered.
"Me too,", he shispered in mine. 
(This line reminded a time when I told the same to a new boyfriend. We were too deaf weirdos, so we understood everything in a wrong way. He thought I said "you're a terrible dancer", and replied "I know". Oh gosh, how we laugh about it after - Lily, page 185).

And to end this day, one of my favorite quotes from this book:
"Do you want to guess what's in here?" I asked Dash.
"I think I'v got it figured out already. There's a new supply of red notebooks in there, and you want us to fill the in with clues about the works of, say, Nicholas Sparks."
"Who?" I asked. Please, no more boody poets. I couldn't keep up.
"You don't know who Nicholas Sparks is?" Dash asked.
I shook my head.
"Please don't ever find out," he said.
(Lily, 185).

PPS: If you have no idea what I'm talking about, go to the post scriptum on Day 287 :)

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