Day 323: The Gift (January, 26)

I wasn't in the mood for The Gift the day before, but I found a fit mood this time. I continued to see the thriller that is the directional debut of Joel Edgerton, an actor that has so much in his sleeve, who I couldn't place on a particular one though. He is performing here too, and his character is annoying at first, scary throughout the movie and more developed (in opposite directions, what is always an interesting feature on a character) toward the end.

It is a well constructed thriller, but nothing more than that to me. I was really scared at some moments, for sure  - I'm not ashamed to take ownership over a loud scream even. Out of my bad mood from the other day, I was able to not endure as also enjoy this movie. Rebecca Hall is other performer that is everywhere, but not placed somewhere specifically. I keep having to remember that she was in Vicky Christina Barcelona and The prestige. And Transcendence. Put the blame on me though, and my lousy memory. 

Jason Bateman is a good counterpart the two actors, and the three together take us in a cleverly woven plot. There's nothing brilliant here, but not only by genius good movies are made. The Gift is a good entertainment for a quiet night, alone at a dark house, upping the scare with a bit of adrenaline.

The Gift. Directed and written by Joel Edgerton. Cast: Jason Bateman,
Rebecca Hall, Joel Edgerton. Australia/USA, 2015, 108 min., Dolby
Digital/Datasa, Color (Netflix),

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