Day 298: 10,000 km (January, 1st)

It may be a new year, but the old magic shuffle is still on!

After lots of fun and beer and food with beloved friends, it was very late. Of course I was tired, so I needed Netflix to make its usual magic of putting an amazing movie in front of me. I'll never cease to be amazed by how it works every time.

10,000 km is my absolute kind of movie (among a lot of kinds, I must add). The first scene is stunning. Simply beautiful and well crafted and performed. And the shooting must have been amazing, I'm sure. The creative process here is so great, a good part its beauty. I was sleepy, tired, but everything disappeared in a blink. I couldn't avert my eyes, my heart was already on it. And what came after was no less enchanting. The last hour went so fast, I was in shock to see the final credits.

And it is not a fast paced movie, by the contrary. Maybe it is not a film for everybody, but it is worth your time. I swear. Every tiny detail of a shared life is there, especially in the first scene - I want so badly to say tell about it, but I won't. My new year's gift for you is to you discover it by yourself and be delighted by it (I hope).

Nothing is explicitly said, but everything is there to the attentive eye - as in life. We should pay more attention to our surroundings and the signs that emanate from our relations. Especially in a romantic relationship, the signs are there, but we chose to ignore them in order to stay where we are or to achieve a fake ideal of love. Or simply to be together with the person we love. There's no way out of what we feel, though. And this movies tell us about it in by a beautiful way of making movies.

I was in wonder, and still am. I wonderful way to greet the new year.

!0.000 km. Carlos Marques-Macet. With: Natalia Tena and David Verdaguer.
Writers: Carlos Marques-Macet, Clara Roquet, Natalia Tena, David Verdaguer.
Sapain, 2014, 99 min., Color (Netflix).

PS: See y'a next December, 21st, Dash and Lily! It was amazing spending the last days of 2015 with you, as always. Miss you already <3

"Wake up, Dash."

PPS: Joe just told me that we can find the magic shuffle (as named by him, by the way) in app: Upflix. 

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