Day 299: Big Hero 6 (January, 2)

Saturday afternoon, me and the kids lazing around in the house, an animated feature was no doubt the fittest choice. I suggested Big Hero 6, a movie that I had been wanting to watch again for a time now.

By the way, there'll be many replays and animated movies here this week. I'm spending some time with my two younger nephews, have been raining a lot... you do the math:)

I absolutely love Baymax, the enchanting warm giant marshmallow of a robot. This story is full of heartbreak, but he is there to save the day, in his direct, simple and smart ways. Hiro I love too, as the secondary characters. When I saw it for the first time, I was a bit overwhelmed by how sad this story really is. Exactly for that I thought it would be interesting to revisit it, in order to see if what I felt the first time was still in me.

The nerdy content is not bad at all. A bit forced, ok, but it is nice. The manga-ish style is a bit subtle, but not much. A city called San Fransokyo is a clue to the many influences that are presented here.

This time, I even had a nice surprise at the end: the last scene after the final credits is too good - I hadn't seen it yet, the kids never let me see the film till the very end, always wanting to go somewhere else after the movies. It is part of an aunt's job. But at night, seeing the last bit alone (I wanted to see some parts on the original English), I could finally reach a funny cameo.

Big Hero 6. Directed by Don Hall, Chris Williams. With: Ryan Potter, Scott
Adsitt, Jamie Chung. Writers: Jordan Roberts et al. USA, 2014, 102 min.,
Datasat/Dolby Digital/Dolby Atmos, Color/Animation (Cable TV).

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