Day 322: The Boy and the World (January, 25)

So beautiful.

That was my first feeling toward The Boy and the World (O Menino e o Mundo), the Brazilian animated film that is a contender for the Oscar to the Best Animated Feature Film of 2015. The colors, the handmade drawings, that boy... My heart was on the story from the first scene.

Eyes glued to the screen, I realized how this would be a heartbreaking trip. With two young nephews, who were visiting Cine Brasilia for the first time, I was comfortably seated at the first row, with nothing between us and the incredible images created by Alê Abreu. The boys were equally mesmerized by what they're seeing. Despite their young age, I noticed how amazed they were. The popcorn was left aside, and they became, as me, a parti of the screen throughout the most of this amazing film.

The boy stole my heart from the very beginning. We must go with him without questioning the veracity of the story's events. Everything will make sense at the end, a heartbreaking sense. "i carry your heart with me (i carry it in my heart)", Abreu let us not other option but to be one with the boy - and all the people and stories he carries in him. How the world was incomprehensible to him - the spoken language, the writing on the signs... It is speaks about so many things, as the good stories do. Here, only colors and music and people made sense to him. I was so staggeringly sad and amazed at the same time. The sole reason why I didn't burst in tears was my two little boys, equally heartbroken.

I said above that I felt the beauty. It is what this precious movie in its heartfelt animations does. We feel the colors, the movement, the songs, the reality of that boy. The great unfairness of this world's facades and the beautiful truth of being.

O Menino e o Mundo. Directed and written by Alê Abreu. With: Vinicius
Garcia, Felipe Zilse, Lu Horta, Marco Aurélio Campos. Brazil, 2013, 80 min.,
Dolby Digital, Color/Animation (Cinema).

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