Day 333: Puncture (February, 5)

I'm terribly missing the movies. This week has been a bummer, with me recovering from a faringitis that put me out of movie theaters for a while. But I'm not facing the risk of being ill again, so my television will have to do for now.

An odd week, a weird day. After a few doctor appointments, I come back home without a slight idea of what I was going to watch. Cable TV provided an answer in the form of Taboo (2012), that I started to see. 30 minutes into it, I paused the movie and decided to take a nap - I was shattered. At night, with a restful mind, I unpause it, only to realized that it was better if I saw it another day with a friend (the movie kept reminding me how she would enjoy it). I had ordered a burger on delivery, and it wasn't a meal to this kind of movie (call me crazy if you want). Burger, french fries, soda, friday night before carnival... That's how I decided than for Puncture.

This movie was not what I thought - an entertaining and gripping action movie. Based on true events, it is actually a tribute to Michael (Mike) David Weiss, "lawyer, genius, fool, son, brother, visionary, playboy, madman, druggie, friend", as we can read on the dedication at the final credits. This words describe the character better than the movie though - I was able to enjoy appreciate what I've just seen because of this description.

Written by Weiss' best friend and fellow lawyer, Paul Danziger, this movie presents some roles on the story that I thought fit to a "real story" movie. There's things that even Weiss closest friends won't able to tell. What I thought was a fatal flaw on the script, at last looked like a respectful and honest way to tell about facts that are not fully disclosed.

Not the movie I was expecting, but a nice story to be aware of, and a strong character depicted by the always interesting Chris Evans (yes, there a big crush going on here in Omad). By the way, one of the reason I was interesting in this movie is its resemblance to the darker Evans in Snowpiercer.

Puncture. Directed by Adam Kassen, Mark Kassen. Cast: Chris Evans, Mark
Kassen, Vinessa Shaw. Writers: Chris Lopata from the story by Paul Dasinger
and Ela Thier. USA, 2011, 100 min., Dolby Digital, Color (Netflix).

PS: Odd fact: there's another page for this movie on imdb.com: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0297189/?ref_=tt_rec_tti 

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