Day 353: Room + Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (February, 25)

Room took over my whole heart just in a few seconds into the movie. 

I'm not sure it would be different, as everything here is done in a delicate yet heartbreaking manner through the eyes of Jack, masterfully played by Jacob Trembley (Talking about Oscars' unfariness...). Brie Larson I love, and she is simply perfect here. Direction, writing, actors, images, sounds... everything conveys a world of impossible pain and violence in a respectful, careful, attentive and sensitive view. 

I couldn't stand being in that room for the almost 50 minutes in the movie, imagine 7 years. What makes it possible is Ma's way of creating a heartfelt world of love and learning from her personal hell.We witness evertthing through Jack's eyes. And what he cannot underrstand, but we can, is truly horrid and hurtful. 

And what to say about the world after room? Equally heartbreaking, in a honest approach of such a difficult matter. The idea that no one - no one - could understand what had been and what is for those two people is a strong feature in this story. How the press midia is the most inapt to portray what means to be held captive by a rapist for 7 years, trying to create a safe environment and  more, a whole world, for a son is depicted here in the objective yet delicate way of the entire film. 

This story is not based on true events, but refers to all the horrible cases we read or have heard about. Sexual crimes are still view under a perverse sense that the victims are responsible somehow. That they could have prevented it. It is the same with addiction and mental illness. This kind of idea is so cruel, so hideous, and movies like Room are an importante way to go against such atrocious views.

I was amazed by some things (it would be so amazing if that woman police officer was real), crushed in pieces by others. The last take of room is so masterfully done, truly shocking. But, most, I was amazed at how movies are able to talk so much with less sentimentalism and more delicacy. Room is a staggering example of that. A very precious, incredibly beautiful one. 

Don't be scared away by the difficult subject in here. It is relevant, extremely important, presented in a poetic, honest, fair, competent form. A must see for sure.

Room. Lenny Abrahamson. Cast: Brie Larson, Jacob Trembley, Joan Allen.
Writer: Emma Donoghue base on her own novel. Ireland/Canada, 2015,
118 min., Dolby Digital, Color (Cinema).

After leaving the movie theater on a kind of sleepwalker state and reading bits of the book Room, by Emma Donoghue, I still felt that I could stick to my initial plan of a double feature and headed to Pride and Prejudice and Zombies instead of going back home.

I love the original Jane Austen story, especially in its 2005 adaptation by Joe Wright. Because of that, I was a bit cautious about this sort of spin-off. There was so much at stake, but I decided to risk it anyway.

And it was a good surprise actually. It is a clever take of the original story, that is there, even if a bit changed. The book by Seth Grahame-Smith is more literal to Austen's work (I read some scenes on the book after the movie). But I thought they were clever changes, relevant to the story. The cast is good too. Lily James is a strong Elizabeth, Sam Riley is a decent Darcy (but I was a bit surprised every time he opened his mouth). And Matt Smith as Mr.Collins is priceless - thanks the heavens he has no shame at all. Plus, the references to the other movies and BBC series where thoughtful and honest, I think.

Seeing Elizabeth and Darcy fighting each other in a fury worth of the original proposal scene was great. I had a silly smile on my face since the first scene till the end. I laughed hard everytime Matt Smith was on the screen and loved the action fights. Not at all what I was expecting. If it is not perfect (it hasn't to be), it is still pretty good.

Funny fact: My beautiful friend Mel was at the theater and send a whatsapp inquiring if I was there. She hadn't seen me, but had recognized my loud laugh. Oh, jeez.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Directed by Burr Steers. Cast: LIly James,
Sam Riley, Matt Smith. USA/UK, 2016, 107 min;, Dolby Digital, Color (Cinema).


  1. Room was a special treat, I had it on my watchlist for a long time and it surely was worth the wait. Very delicate, as you point out, and that's what makes it a nice picture. I love how the story is told through the eyes of Jack, we get to know the world all over again because of his point of view. I also love how the story is well divided, first in Room, then out in the world. One of the scenes that I can recall fondly is when Jack releases himself from the rug, in the back of the truck, and suddenly can see that beautiful blue dome above him, and we see the sky reflected in his eyes, as the little boy tries to absorb in all that reality before him. From that point on, the story gets more and more intense and it's beautiful and heartbreaking and just my kind of flick :)

    [ j ]

    1. IT is just my kind of movie too. My heart was on my hands the whole time. I don't use to refer to the Oscars as a reference to anything, but in this case it's so obvious that Jacob Tremblay should have been nominated for Best Actor.