Day 340: Son of Saul (February, 12)

Son of Saul (Saul Fia)is a living proof of what art is capable of. Extreme beauty, outstanding cinematography, an visceral direction, an unbelievably strong performance to tell us about the what should have been something unimaginable, but was in fact one of the most hideous events on human story - and there are many and many and many, once and now. For what reason we have still to be aware of.

Such cruelty. László Nemes tells us about it through the eyes of Saul, masterfully played by Géza Röhrig (this is the debut in feature movies for both director and actor). Nemes takes us through all the horrors of war and the holocaust through Saul's daily life in Auschwitz. Saul is our eyes in through the horror. We get glimpses of what he witness everyday. And despite the fundamental way of empathizing the need of awareness of a violence against humanity that is still on in the world, this movie is most of all a debate about what keep us human among a violence that has the main goal of striping us of our humanity.

The images here are a world of hideous violence, but what put us right inside the terror is the sound. Something we're not able to see, others we perceive by a glimpse... but the sounds tell everything here. 

There's nothing standing at the end. There's nothing standing at the end. I was a wreck, as we must be in front of such stories.  My admiration for Lásló Nemes was mixed with sadness, pain, horror. What he attempts to do here cannot be described by words - not by chance his movie has only a few dialogues. The whole sense of the surroundings resides in Saul and his pursuit of a thread of humanity among an state-sponsored violence that tries constantly to put out all humanity from Earth. One day, I'm sure it will succeed. Until then, being human is still a matter of resistance, as Saul tell us in every single second of this movie.

Son of Saul. Directed by Lásló Nemes. Cast: Géza Röhrig, Levente Molnár,

Urs Rechn. Writers: Lásló Nemes, Clara Royer. Hungary, 2015, 107 min., 
Dolby Digital, Color (Cinema).

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