Day 327: Looking for Eric (January, 30)

Another movie that took me too long to reach, Looking for Eric won the prize of the Ecumenical Jury in Cannes in 2009, and there was a reason according to the Jury: "For its great artistic quality and its humoristic, optimistic and humanist approach of the crisis faced by contemporary society. the film portrays values that are often under fire today such as friendship, solidarity, the importance of family and dialogue towards oneself and the other. Which the mythical Cantona summarizes in one sentence: "The best action I remember is not a goal but an assist".

The longer a movie resides only inside our head, the more it becomes something else entirely in our imagination. That's what happened with this Ken Loach film in me. This way, I was surprised when I realized what this story is about and its way of telling it. So ingenious, I think. I won't say much, but it is precious. People's relations here are so honest, palpable, recognizable for us, ordinary humans, struggling to make sense in a life that can lack meaning sometimes. Or every single tiny moment of our days.  

I love Lily, she's such an amazing character, the woman one I try to be at every little second. The way she dealt with her hurt and disillusion in order not only to raise her daughter with love but to be happy herself is beautiful to see. And Eric, and cannot avoid to love him. He's so messed up and so desperately trying, I couldn't avert my eyes from his attempts to make sense of himself and to find a way to fix what seems lost forever. And what to say about Cantona? All the characters are well designed, actually, they're real people, real friends, real kids in trouble, real lovers separated just by life. There's no way not to be amazed by it, in its incredible ordinarity.

Writing about this movie, a big smile comes to my face. It is always a good sign, for sure. 

I shouldn't have expected less from Ken Loach. I know just a bit of his filmography, and I'll certainly look for more in a near future. Looking for Eric is a good reason to try to know Loach better.

Looking for Eric. Directed by Ken Loach. Cast: Steve Evets, Eric Cantona,
Stephanie Bishop. Writer: Paul Laverty. UK/France/Italy/Belgium/Spain,
Dolby Digital, Color (DVD).

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