Day 336: Little Shop of Horrors (February, 8)

Every time my niece and her friends have a sleepover at my house, they choose the same kind of movie to see - the teen girly kind. I try to introduce them to different kind of films, but sometimes I'm not successful. On this carnival monday, though, I convinced them to watch Little Shop of Horrors, the 1986 version.

Actual 12 years olds are not the usual fans of musicals. At least those three weren't, and I had to present some strong arguments in order to keep them in front of the screen at the first scenes. This dare was one of them. But soon they were involved by this bizarre story adapted from the off (off) Broadway play (the songs on the movie are from the play) based on the 1960's movie. This last one I have seen with my niece some years ago, and she could enjoy it even if the copy was not dubbed (it wasn't even subtitled). My niece is accustomed to 80's productions, and her first reaction was: ah, this is sort like Gremlins, right?  Oh, the crazy 80's. 

This production is great, I think. The scenarios, songs, the plant's puppets... there's an atmosphere here of a true B horror movie that is precious. And it was nice to see the girls relate to it, even if it's a different aesthetics to them. At the end, the songs weren't weird to them anyore, and they're were cursing at Audrey II, horrified by how evil it is. Me? As usually happens when a see a movie with the kids, I was amazed by their reactions, and how they went from estrangement to entertainment and understand so quickly.

Little Shop of Horrors. Directed by Frank Oz. Cast: Rick Moranis, Ellen
Green,Vincent Gardenia. Writers: Horward Ashman, based on Roger Corman's
movie. USA, 1986, 94 min., 70 mm 6-Track/Dolby Stereo, Color (DVD).

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