Day 346: It's a Disaster (February, 18)

Yep. It's a Disaster would be a fit name for this day if it was not the nice night with good friends, amazing food and great music to end what was a tiring and boring day. Going back home a bit late, I wasn't sure about what to watch. This small movie with Julia Stiles and America Ferrera looked like a good choice.

It was, actually. Nothing much, but an interesting voyeuristic entertainment about how crazy we humans are, especially among old friends. There's funny, crazy, endearing, sweet moments. The idea of a brunch with old friends, recent boyfriend, weird relations, petty actions is not bad at all. 

There's no way to talk much about it without spoiling important things. But I think it is enough to say that the interactions between people here are heartfelt. We care about those friends who face the impossible. And the ending was a nice solution to something that is actually complicated. Not a disaster at all, I reckon.

By now you can tell that I had a sense of disbelief that accompanied me while choosing this movie on Netflix. I thought it would be really bad, and it wasn't. Actually, the first scene is pretty good, letting me know that there was a bit more ahead than I though at first. 

Beautiful table :)

It's a Disaster. Directed and written by Todd Berger. Cast: Julia Stiles,
America Ferrera, Rachel Boston. USA, 2012, 88 min., Color (Netflix).

PS: Two things you usually find in small indie movies: The director is also the writer and there's no sound specifications. And they're short (three things, I know). Yep, there's a lot of exceptions. Just a thought, though :)

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