Day 326: Closed Circuit (January, 29)

Netflix is surely a comfort zone on a Saturday night, as is a spy action movie, always a good option on a day when we don't want nothing else than to be entertained. Yes, some can be very intense, but Closed Circuit seemed to be not like that, still an interesting story. Furthermore, Rebecca Hall was a familiar face after The Gift, Eric Bana seemed not a bad choice either, the old plot of espionage sounded good. And it is nice to see Jim Broadbent in a more ordinary roles sometimes (but just sometimes, he is amazing in his spectacular performances).

This movie doesn't go farther than the obvious, but that I was already expecting that outcome. It brings a bit of Bridge of Spies to the present, to the terrorism scenario, as we do by ourselves throughout Spielberg's Oscar contender. The official legislation as a scam is more grossly emphasized here, with the same results: there's not much to do against all the perverse and secret governmental plots around the world. Nothing but act as we think we should, around our daily, small and (no doubt) the truly significant lives.

Closed Circuit. Directed by John Crowley. Cast: Eric Bana, Rebecca Hall,
Jim Broadbent. Writer: Steve Knight. UK/USA, 2013, 96 min., Datasat/
Dolby Digital, Color (Netflix).

PS: X Files is back! I was a fan of the show, but not a religious one. I hadn't even seen the last season in 2002. Before reaching the new episodes, I decided to remedy that watching the last episode of season 9. And now I want to see the whole series :)

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