Day 263: Love me if you dare (November, 27)

I bought Love me if You Dare (Jeux d'enfants) on a sale in my favorite DVD rental store - that is closing, unfortunately. Rodrigo and I were there late at night, the store almost empty of people (and films, by the way), looking for good deals out of what remained. Rodrigo is very adventurous - at low prices, he buys movies that he never heard about without thinking twice. I'm more cautious, and for that reason I left the store with a lot of already seen films. One of the few exceptions was today's film. 

At the first minutes into it, I realizes I've seen bits of this movie, only to conclude that I didn't like it much. But now I had the DVD, so I kept going on. Marion Cotillard and Guillaume Cannet on the cast were a plus, before their big breaks (and way before they start dating). However, despite the fable tone and the intended endearing characters, this movie was not for me. 

I understand the main plot and I agree 100% with it: the majority of our relations since early age can be a game. Manipulative games, especially regarding love. Adults can apparently grow up carrying this way to relate to others without noticing. It is not what happens here, though. Jullien and Sophie know what they're doing, it is their main way of being together. Their mostly inoffensive games from childhood grow more serious with time, until it became a death matter, preventing them to live their lives apart or together. It is agonizing and even silly, despite carrying a horrible truth with it. I couldn't wait for it to end.

There's a lot of praise for this movie on imdb.com, hence its high scores. But there's some comments that reckon how stupid it can be, even if it talks about love in an accurate manner, as I've said before. Maybe if it was a bit less it could be more effective. The sense I got is that it tried to be much like Amélie Poulain for its own sake. That's only my feeling, course. But whatever the plan was, it backfired for sure.

Love if You Dare (Jeux d'enfants). Directed and written: Yann
Samuel. With: Marion Cotillard, Guillaume Cannet,. France/
Belgium, 2003, 93 min., DTS/Dolby Digital, Color (DVD). 

PS: Jessica Jones, season 1, episode 13 - finally! I liked this series a lot, but not even close to how I loved Daredevil. The protagonist is amazing, though, a true dream actually. Krysten Ritter and Rachael Taylor are amazing here, so strong and ironic (and funny). David Tennant as a villain is a bummer, because I like him so much that I almost warmed to his Kilgrave - almost, because he is seriously hideous. A great series, with more to come, I'm sure.

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