Day 281: Star Wars: Episodes I, II, III (December, 15)

One of the best practices on the present society is the movies/TV Shows marathons. Mel and Mandy are my usual accomplices, and they are amazing. And this time it wasn't different.

Before I start relating my own three day saga with Star Wars, I must remind you of the nature my comments here. Despite some of them featuring some sort of review, the main goal here is to present my perceptions about a movie, telling mostly about my experience with them. I think it is important to clarify this aspect while talking about Star Wars because there's a lot of more specialized comments by the professional fans of the saga. This way, I should alert you to not expect anything on this level in here.

Star Wars: Episode I -The Phantom Menace. Directed and written by George Lucas. With:
Natalie Portman, Ewasn McGregor, Liam
Neeson. USA, 1999, 136 min., Dolby
Digital EX/SDDS/DTS ES, Color (DVD).
For this Tuesday, only Mel could accompany me during the first trilogy of Star Wars. The new instalment on this almost 40 years long series was due to have an early screening on Thursday. For me, it was imperative to see all the movies again, especially the first three episodes. This way, with enough pizza and iced tea to last for a few days, tons of popcorn and candy, Mel and me were looking forward to see the first three films of George Lucas Saga.

Star Wars: Episode I -The Phantom Menace was the first movie that made me sleep not only on a theater but ever. I think it is so, so boring that it was inevitable actually. On this day, it wasn't different. I was tired, but it was early on the evening and I was overwhelmed by how sleepy I was. I had to behead a lot of jelly bears in order to stay awake.

I try to justify the mere existence of this movie by saying that it brings a good background to the rest of the story. Mandy took me out of this idea pretty fast, with just a few arguments. This movie is really bad, not adding much to the subsequent instalments. I was relieved when it ended and I could finally wake up. 

Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of  the Clones. 
Directed by George Lucas. With: Natalie
Portman, Hayden Christensen, Ewan McGregor.
Writers: George Lucas, Jonathan Hales. USA,
2002, 142 min., DTS-ES/Dolby Digital EX/SDDS,
Color (DVD)>
Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of The Clones were a different story whatsoever. Here we are able to identify the usual endearing elements of a prequel: the origin and reasons behind such iconic characters and story. It pace is not only faster, but more likely the previous trilogy. This is, by the way, one thing that I think admirable on this saga, filmed in different times, with different technologies: how consistent it is visually. The cuts, how fragmented the scenes are, the usual close on the character, the transition between scenes, the original score that puts us right on the story, the first lines explaining that chapter. We know that we are seeing a Star War movie from the beginning. A big smile is inevitable on the first sequences.

I've heard how the third movie was the best, and it is actually, but I dare say that this second episode  is my favorite on the first trilogy. Ok, except for the awful Padme's wardrobe and the "honeymoon" scenes - they are too cheesy for our sake. I tried to put aside my discomfort in order to concentrate on the story. But it was difficult sometimes. 

Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith. 
Directed and written by George Lucas. With:
Hayden Christensen, Natalie Portman, Ewan
McGregor. USA, 2005, 140 min.,  DTS-ES/Dolby
Digital EX/SDDS, Color (DVD).
At last, at 2 am, we reached Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith. The sleepiness of the first episode was gone for good. I was glued to the screen mostly because this was the only film between those first three that started with an action scene - a strong first statement for sure. 

The only thing I remembered about this trilogy was how sleepy I was at the first episode, and nothing more. I was glad with my decision to watch the first trilogy before the new Star Wars installment. Not only I remembered the story, but could evade my first bad impression about it. It is not the best trilogy on the saga, for sure (I'm putting big hopes on the newest one), but it is not so awful as I recollected. 

And there is some great perks on it: Yoda has a lot more time on the screen than in the second trilogy. The day after, I was telling Mandy how iconic he is, because, even before the first trilogy, he was the most amazing character on the saga. It was nice to have more time with him on screen. Another impressive aspect for me is how strong the female characters are since the beginning - and I'll talk more about that when addressing the Episode VII. Padme doesn't depend on the others to save herself. She is strong, as Leia will be, and it is a joy to see on a movie (especially on a production from the '70s). Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan was a nice surprise also, he is one of my favorite actors. The lightsaber's fights are amazing, without contrasting too much with the older episodes (consistency, remember?). A more advanced technology allowed us to see Yoda lightsaber fighting is a big pink too.

This way, at 5 am, I could barely wait to reach the second trilogy, before the premiere of Episode 7. 

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