Day 278: An (December, 12)

So beautiful. So, so beautiful. 

An is meditation in form of a movie. Each scene, the details, the careful attention to every movement... the characters. It is astounding.

I was truly captivated by it. My eyes would water at the enchantment of how delicately human life and relations are presented here. It is overwhelming even.

The process of cooking dorayaki, especially the beans filling, is depicted in detail. The close attention to details and the meaning of the tiniest details is surreal. And beautiful is the recurrent word on my mind when I think about it. 

There's an important debate in this movie, beyond the interactions between the three main outcast characters. It is unexpected, but so appropriate and essential. Heartwarming, sad, honest. A true gem. 

I've read once, about a Japanese film that I don't remember now, that it had a force poetry. It was over done, said the comment. It didn't  happen here, as neither in many amazingly poetic Japanese movies (as In the Mood for Love3-Iron or Departures, for example). Poetry in the tiny aspects of life.

An. Directed and written by Naomi Kawase, from the novel by Durian
Sukewaga.  With: Kirin Kiki, Masatoshi Nagase, Kyara Ushida. Japan/
France/Germany, 2015, 113 min., Color (Cinema). 

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