Day 284: Star Wars: Eçpisode VI - Return of the Jedi (December, 18)

And the next day, the journey wasn't over yet. After the events on Episode VII, it was fit that I saw Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi on TV by chance. It wasn't on my plans to re-watch it so soon, but at that moment I realized how suitable it was to be with Leia, Han and Luke after the events on the last day's movie.

When a saga ends, we usually get the feeling that there'll be better days ahead. Despite the fact  that it is true for awhile, the thing is, the hero's journey never ceases.There's an important lesson in this - our lives doesn't get easier, comfortable or stable just because we get older and assume apparently more comfortable ways of living. Every age has its own struggles, but it is so easy to forget that. A character in Laggies says how he thought that, after getting a job and more experience, he would never have to fit again, only to realize that it is an ongoing movement in life. Until we're dead (and even after, depending on your beliefs) the journey is still on. And on and on.

Greed, power struggles, politics, the dark side of the force... none of those ceased to exist because Luke, Leia and Han defeated the Empire. We see that on Episode VII. This way, it was nice to go back to those older days and stay a litlle bit longer with these beloved characters again.

And the saga continues :)

Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi. Directed by Richard Marquand.
With: Mark Hamill. Carrie Fischer, Harrison Ford. Writers: Lawrence
Kasdan, George Lucas. USA, 1983, 131 min., 70 mm 6-Track/Dolby, Color (Cable).

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