Day 268: Rudderless (December, 2)

If I had to describe Rudderless in one word it would be heartbreaking. That's how I was at the end, absolutely heartbroken. 

I won't disclosure the main theme here. Suffice to say that it is one that I care a lot, for no personal reason. It just does. And it is one of my main concerns when such tragedy happens. There's so many layers on a tragic event, and the one addressed here is usually less considered. That's why movies like that are so precious. 

It is William H. Macy's directional debut, and it is stunningly beautiful, delicate, respectful. He shows his views on a very important subject, especially on the US. And his character is so cute, with a strong presence, even if discreet (as I'm sure was his intention). The real star here is Billy Crudup, though. We see the events through his eyes, and it is not easy. Anton Yelchin is amazing too, such a sweet contrast to Crudup's hardships. 

This movie brings a fundamental discussion, it is important not to evade it. The delicate manner by which it is presented is a plus, and calls the attention to our ways of judgement in such difficult times. Although it is without doubt understandable - unbearable pain is not reasonable -, we should think with care about it. I think this movie makes it possible, in a beautiful way. 

Rudderless. Directed by William H. Macy. With: Billy Crydup, Anton
Yelchin, Felicity Huffman. Writers: William H. Macy et al. USA,  2014, 104
min., Dolby Digital, Color (Cable TV). 

PS: Songs are a big part of this story, and this movie's soundtrack is really great. 

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