Day 294: In the Heart of the Sea (December, 28)

And a movies date turned into a slumber party. So there we were again, at a shopping mall, heading to a movie. This time, it was my choice, and I entered the theater with three moody girls that were not so enthusiastic to see In the Heart of the Sea.

At the end, I looked at them and, as a typical aunt, said: see? They loved the movie, as I've said they would (or at least I hoped so). Even if they didn't, that theater is very nice in fact, with reclining chairs and all. But they loved the film. It is suspenseful, with a beautiful cinematography, and Thor as a protagonist. It is based on the true story that inspired Herman Melville to write Moby Dick. And, as it happens in Melville story, this one gripped us by the throat, not allowing any other diversion until the final credits. 

It is a rather tradicional production, but a bit darker than usual (a good bonus) and beautifully crafted. The whale hunting are heartbreaking for sure. Not a filmto rock our world, but no doubt a nice time at the movies.

In the Heart of the Sea. Directed by Ron Howard. With: Chris Hemsworth,
Cillian Murphy, Brendan Gleeson. Writers: Charles Leavitt et al., from the
book  In the Heart of the Sea: The Tragedy of the Whaleship Essex, by Nathaniel
Philbrick. USA/Australia/Spain/UK/Canada, 2015, 122 min., Datasat/Dolby Digital/
Dolby Atmos/Auro 11.1, Color (Cinema).

PS: Almost at the end of the book, again. December, 28th is a better day for sure. 

Where can I find Dash?
R U a stalker?
Awsome. His mom's place is at E Ninth & University. 
Which Building?
A good stalker doesn't need to ask.
(Lily, page 138).

We are reading the story of our lives
As though we were in it,
As though we had written it.
(Mark Strand/Lily, page 141).

I am not dangerous. Only the stories are dangerous. Only the fiction we create, especially when they become expectations. 
(Dash, page 148).

PPS: If you have no idea what I'm talking about, go to the post scriptum on Day 287 :)

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