Day 265: Pixels (November, 29)

I was quietly on my sofa, in the first scenes of the movie I first have chosen for this day, when my beautiful niece called me to go to the movies. It was night already, we would try a late screening of the last installment of The Hunger Games. That was the idea, when everything changed: we picked up her younger cousin, bought a lot of junk food and decided to watch a movie at home. We ended up seeing Pixels, a movie that we've lost in the theaters and that I had no intention to see actually.

This is the typical case of a film that is better in theory. Classic '80 video games as a weapon of an alien attack to Earth? It would be priceless if the execution hadn't have been so lousy. Especially because there's two other narratives that talk about the '80s golden era that are very good: Wreck-it Ralph, an 2012 animation movie and Ready Player One, a seriously brilliant book that will be adapted to film soon (not soon enough, though). Those two outstanding stories put Pixels to shame without mercy.

Chris Columbus must have been out of his mind to achieve such a lousy feature. The thing here is that the characters are not captivating. They're too stereotypical, shallow, annoying to a point that we stop carrying at all. Even a giant Pac-Man isn't able to move us, what say a lot about this movie. And Michelle Monaghan's hair on the fighting scene (what was that really?), lets not forget about that.. But a bad movie is nothing when I'm with the kids, having pizza and laughing about every silly scene in front of us. 

Pixels. Directed by Chris Columbus. With: Adam Sandler, Michelle
Monaghan, Kevin James. Writers: Tim Herlihy et al. USA, 2015, 106 min.,
SDDS/Datasat/Dolby Digital/Auro 11.1/Dolby Atmos, Color (Cable TV).

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