Day 269: Ae Fond Kiss (December, 3)

"I'm getting really old", was my first thought at the first scenes of Ae Fond Kiss, a 2004 movie by Ken Loach. This was one of the DVDs I got on the sale last week, and I suspect that it was the same one I rented years ago.

To my defense, I must say that, despite the relevance of the discussion that it presents, this film is pretty forgettable. It is interesting, but not much more than that. Glasgow as a background is a nice change from the usual settings. The debate of different religious communities in the same city never gets old - it is just the opposite, actually. But... I don't know, the main couple didn't captivated me enough for me to care. This way, was not a surprise that I has  forgotten about this movie after all.

Ken Loach is a filmmaker that is always under my radar, but the funny thing is that I that I've only seen a few of his movies. As it is usual with me, I'm not sure why. This one doesn't encourage me, even if it is an interesting and accurate story. It is good, in fact, but something is missing. Well, I'll have to see his other movies to understand him better - for now, he is more of an idea that I created for some reason.

Casim's sister is the best part of this movie. Tahara is amazing :)

Ae Fond Kiss. Directed by Ken Loach.  With: Atta Yaqub, Eva Birthistle, 
Shabana Akhtar Bakhish. Writer: Paul Laverty.  UK/Italy/Germany/
Spain/Belgium, 2004, 104 min., Dolby Digital, Color (DVD).

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