Day 286: Laggies (December, 20 - again)

Somethings will never change, I guess. My way of being with a story in such a obsessive manner is one of the traits I'll never see the end in me. After days and days, Laggies was still with me, so I had to reach it once more.

My niece accepted to watch it with me on this quiet sunday. I was so excited to see it again, it was even funny (and I had just seen a bit of it on this very morning). I love those characters, the simple and honest way by which thay connect with each other, so true to my own life. And Sam Rockwell is really a blast here, no doubt.

I never anticipated still having to find a place where I'd fit in by the time I was an adult either. I thought you automatically got one once you had a job and a family. But it's just you. Alone. 

Fla liked the movie a lot too. Just before she left, she told me how some bit were still on her mind. It is a film that makes us reflects about many aspects of life, human relations, relationships. It is a testament of how a film doesn't need to be a big production have a strong voice. Actually, it is usually the opposite. Indie movies have a way to treat life that is very endearing and surprising. And this one does that by a careful and funny fashion.

Laggies. Directed by Lynn Shelton. With: Keira Kneightley, Chlöe Grace
Moretz, Sam Rockwell. Writer: Andrea Seigel. USA, 2014, 99 min., Dolby
Digital, Color (Cable TV). 

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